Pros and Cons of Bichon Frise

Bichons... Bichons... Nothing but Bichons...



They're cute! They're not cute without regular brushing, because mats may become insurmountable.
Nonshedding Regular grooming required includes brushing, bath, & blowdry
Nonallergenic Although Bichons are "nonallergenic" some people will still have a reaction to them
Ordorless A dirty Bichon with a stained face and matted hair is not pleasant to have around the house
Intelligent -- Does great at Conformation showing, obedience, agility, pet therapy Bichons are people dogs and do not do well being left alone a lot
Great company for older people Grooming costs can get expensive
Good with kids -- very tolerant Many Bichons tear -- so eyes must be cleaned regularly
Travels well Bichons can be difficult to house train unless you are patient and consistent with your training.
Good city or apartment dog/Not yappy  
Very few temperament problems even in poorly bred dogs Many Bichons seem to get Itching problems (may be due to allergies, skin problems, dry weather, etc.)

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Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown

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