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PawWelcome to the "BICHON FRISE BREED DISCUSSION LIST"!  The purpose of our List is to provide a friendly spot for Bichon fanciers around the Globe to communicate with one another. If you have a neat story about your Bichon that you simply must tell; a problem you'd like to discuss; or a question that requires an answer, this is the place for you! We want to hear all about Bichons from the people who love them... so, LET'S TALK "BICHON"! kmandyand pups.gif (9622 bytes)

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PawThe following TEN COMMANDMENTS are essential, in order to have a well run, enjoyable Discussion List. We don't have many rules but we expect you to abide by those we do have.


1. DON'T post requests for the purchase, sale, or availability of Bichons including rescue to the List. DON'T mention breeders' names, prices, etc. The List is NOT a referral service or a place to locate puppies, mating services, or rescues! Such postings are contrary to our sponsor's and list owners' rules and regulations! We have separate off list arrangements for Rescue. General Rescue information is available at

2. DON'T post any commercial advertisements or advertise goods and/or services that you personally profit from.

3. DON'T post Virus Warnings, Chain Letters or any other types of Spam to the List. If you receive a virus warning, contact one of the List Owners BEFORE posting to the List. The majority of them are hoaxes. One of the List Owners will verify it and advise you. If you are in doubt, check FIRST with one of the List Owners before posting.

4. DO make sure before you reply to a post that your message says something and is not just agreeing with what has already been said (i.e. ME TOO)! When Replying To an existing message, DO make certain that you only include enough of the original message to make sense of the reply, and always delete the header and footer.

5. DO insert the topic of your post in the subject line! This is particularly important if you receive the Digest version of the list. If you simply use the REPLY TO function, the Digest number will be shown as the subject rather than the topic of your post.

6. DO include your email address and preferably your name and location at the bottom of each of your posts. This is not mandatory but it is very helpful, especially if you have a question that members may wish to answer by private email.

7. DON'T post HTML/MIME/pictures/attachments to this List. If you are using or updating to a newer browser, be sure that you set your options to send "plain text only" to the List. For common technical questions, Derek Briggs provides answers at or

8. DO keep a copy of the commands in case you wish to change your subscription options, sign off the list, or even take that long awaited vacation. DON'T send commands to the List! Instead send all commands to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM

9. DO be considerate of other list member's opinions. Sometimes it is necessary to agree to disagree.

10. Most of all... DO enjoy yourself discussing Bichons... Bichons... Nothing but Bichons...

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Paw Every email message sent to the list address (BICHONFRISE-L@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM) is relayed to all the members on the list. It is not necessary that you have full Internet access to participate; if you can send and receive email via the Internet, you can be a member of the "Bichon Frise Breed Discussion List" (BF-L).

The Bichon Frise Breed Discussion List is intended for the nonprofit use and pleasure of the Internet community. The list is provided as a FREE service by L-Soft. Commercial use of this list is prohibited without the prior approval of the list owners.

All subscribers on the email list are expected to act in a mature and considerate manner. Repeat or flagrant abuses will be grounds for termination of posting privileges. Abusive, derogatory, personally insulting, or harassing mail to the list or its membership, public or private, will be cause for termination. The nature and intent of the mail posted to the list will be assessed by the list owners; if it is deemed inappropriate then you may be terminated or your posts may be screened until further notice. Decisions of the list owners are final. We will act in the best interests of the List. Please report all problems, bugs or inappropriate use of the mailing list to one of the list owners.

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Touch a Bichon and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown

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